OnSSI's StayCURRENT Program

The IP-video and security landscape is changing fast, with rapid technological advancements and ever-growing challenges. And at the forefront of innovation in the industry, OnSSI has continuously introduced new features and tools for handling more video and alerts, while increasing overall productivity.

OnSSI’s new StayCURRENT program is designed to keep your Ocularis system up-to-date with all new features and functionality, at a fraction of the cost of trading-in your software.

Since the introduction of Ocularis, our flagship IP video surveillance and security platform, we have released one to two new versions of the software every year, and we are committed to continually innovate and improve.

Under StayCURRENT, users will also have access to all Device Pack upgrades, providing improved compatibility with existing cameras as well as new models. Each new release also includes expanded integration capabilities with a growing list of software and hardware systems by OnSSI’s technology partners.

OnSSI’s StayCURRENT program also allows you to migrate within the Oculars product line at 100% credit towards the cost of the next-level product.

StayCURRENT is offered as one- to five-year plans, where the longer the term the lower the cost per year. In addition, flexible StayCURRENT can be purchased in one-day increments, to match the renewal date with your budget calendar or fiscal year’s end.

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Stay Up-To-Date And On Budget With Our StayCURRENT Program