Ocularis PS
The central agency
of intelligence

Perfected for the wide scope and high intensity of airport hubs and large cities, Ocularis ES offers you the highest level of centralized intelligent command and control. It means a large number of simultaneous viewers now have control over an unlimited number of cameras with twice the archiving space. Boasting the ultimate public safety measures, Ocularis ES comes built in with a physical recording failover server and the unique Edge recording technology that keeps your cameras recording and storing data even when connection to the servers is unavailable and then seamlessly reconnect the video when connection is resumed! Nothing is too big for the ES when it comes to feeling safer.

New Ocularis Mobile! Mobilize your security system with up to 16 HD camera streams at breakneck speeds, at full frame rates, over 3G/4G networks. Monitor and control individual cameras, even browse recorded video on the go.