Ocularis integrates a variety of third-party vendors' physical security and IT applications, from access control, video content analytics and environmental detectors to transaction and license plate recognition systems.

Integrated system enable targeted detection of objects, behavior pattern and movements, that enhance and increase the value of the entire surveillance and security system.

Ocularis Media Server

Get full-framerate video from multiple megapixel, HD and SD cameras over low-speed connections   Ocularis Media Server brings the true experience of desktop video surveillance to web-based video clients.  With the increasing popularity of bandwidth-intensive megapixel, HD and SD cameras, web users face the need to compromise either on the number…


Ocularis Web

Monitor and control up to 16 HD cameras at full resolution and full frame rate over limited bandwidth connections through a standard web browser. For the first time, Ocularis Web brings the true experience of desktop video surveillance to browser-based video clients. As companies in the Security industry continue to…


Ocularis Mobile

The best mobile app, period. Only Ocularis can mobilize 16 HD streams on Androids, iPad tablets and iPhones, at full frame rate and full resolution. Ocularis Mobile brings the true experience of video surveillance to your mobile device.   Download Ocularis Mobile for Android Download Ocularis Mobile for iPad and…


Video Wall Add-on

Ocularis VideoWall enables sending video to video wall monitors and remote displays anywhere on the network, all from a Command Center or desktop Ocularis unified Client’s intuitive, graphical, map-based controller interface. The Ocularis Video Wall Controller can accommodate any number of cameras, displays and simultaneous operators at multiple sites. Replacing…


OpenSight Add-on

Ocularis OpenSight is an add-on to the Ocularis IP surveillance software platform that grants access to multiple video surveillance and security systems within a single interface. It was created to help improve situational awareness and responsiveness to events. There's Safety in Numbers Imagine the advantages of having surveillance systems of…


3rd-Party Access Control Integration Module

Integration with third-party access control systems enables linking high-quality video to access-control-generated events from human and vehicular entry points. Incoming access control alerts trigger video recording, alarms and push video to users, in addition to populating operators’ alerts lists, for further review. Access control events can be combined with video…