In retail settings, the task of the IP video surveillance and security system extends beyond securing employees, customers and property, to include loss prevention and even generation of invaluable consumer behavior information. 

OnSSI’s Ocularis provides a scalable framework for monitoring video and alerts from any number of cameras at multiple stores and warehouses. Operators are instantly notified and sent live video alerts for security breaches, vandalism and hazard events, based on preset criteria. This allows for a fewer number of operators to monitor a larger number of cameras and stores, thus significantly lowering overall operational costs. 

Ocularis offers multiple tools for loss prevention. Multiple public-view video walls can be installed as deterrents to shoplifting. Through integration with third-party access control, video content analytics and POS and RFID tracking systems, video alerts can be set for targeted movements in big ticket areas or upon illegal entry or exit captured by the access control system. 

Ocularis also empowers a range of business intelligence functions, including quality control, customer service and merchandising. Video can help determine the most effective scheduling of personnel or point-of-purchase (POP) display by detecting the busiest times at a particular counter or display. By analyzing video, retailers can determine customer spending habits and the best use of personnel. 

"In the past... it was hard for the police or the district attorney to understand what happened... [Now I am] able to follow the sequences from the time that the person entered, while he made his way through the store to the places where the incident occurred" -- Eddie Sutton, General Manager, Strand Book Store, NYC

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