Public Safety & Government

With deep roots in Homeland Security and public safety applications, OnSSI powers numerous IP-video and security systems in municipalities, police precincts and government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. 

OnSSI’s core product, Ocularis,  addresses the needs of the public sphere related to emergency operations, widely dispersed facilities, and complex infrastructure.  

With Ocularis, video alerts are pushed out to relevant staff wherever they may be, to increasing overall safety. An event driven system with precise alerts also allows operators to handle more cameras, maximizing staff resources and containing costs.   

Remote monitoring of public buildings, historical monuments, border crossings, and other government sites lessens the need for full-time patrols, and lowers operating costs. And security is further improved through instant video access and a collaborative work environment for SWAT teams, paramedics, and other first responders.  

Ocularis integrates with many third-party systems such as access control, video content analytics, license plate recognition, hazmat detectors and more. Alerts can be combined for greater validation and reduced false alarm levels. 

“The cameras are out there and running real time. If we see or are alerted to some activity, we can immediately send officers to that activity. There’s a big difference between that and reviewing video after the fact.” -- Captain Jim Goltz, Orlando, FL Police Department

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