Hospitals and medical centers in the U.S. and worldwide face the unique challenge of balancing security with strict privacy constraints. The growth of HIPPA patient privacy regulations, including recent developments like Section D of the HITECH Act and its impact on electronic document privacy, add to liability issues for hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare providers.  

With Ocularis’ unique user rights and event management tools, hospitals’ system administrators are able to precisely control how and when video is recorded and archived, and who in the organization has access rights to video, audio streams and alerts.  Data rooms and wiring closets can be secured so that a video alert is sent anytime someone opens a door. Constant protection is available for medicines, valuable equipment, and supplies. 

Instant access to video and advanced investigation tools address both general safety and operational issues, and provide crucial evidence for incidents such as employee disputes and slip and fall cases.  Video images linked to third party systems such as call boxes, alarms, and radiation detectors further streamline and improve overall security.

“The Tucson police department loves the video we produce from the OnSSI system... it is critical in hospital situations where there is liability.” -- Jerry Anderson, ESM, Inc.

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