Schools and universities of all sizes face the challenge of providing a safe and secure environment, while meeting tight budgetary constraints.  

OnSSI’s Ocularis combines the highest quality in video surveillance and security with a comprehensive event management platform, which proactively detects activity at residence halls entrances, parking lots and alleys between buildings, and automatically alerts relevant school personnel. 

Ocularis easily integrates with an array of physical security solutions such as access control, video content analytics, emergency phones and license plate recognition, to monitor unauthorized entries, suspicious behavior and theft.

In addition, video and alerts from schools or campuses in the same locality can be monitored at a central municipal or police command center, for collaborative handling of a crisis situation.

Beyond security, Ocularis’ high-quality video can help optimize school operation. Management is able to analyze bottlenecks that form between classes or view traffic flow as parents drop students off in the morning. In case of a maintenance problem, video can allow the central office to identify and observe the problem remotely before sending staff.

“Once we started to narrow down the offerings, it became apparent that one solution stood out above the rest – OnSSI... now we have templates and standards built using OnSSI’s solution that we use on various projects” -- Greg Schumacher, Senior Network & Programming Administrator for the Beaumont, TX Independent School District

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