Corporate & Enterprise

OnSSI's IP Video Surveillance platforms enable corporations of all sizes to deploy video surveillance and delivery systems that are custom-tailored to their size and their specific needs, present and future.

OnSSI's non-proprietary, open-architecture video delivery platforms provide Universal Camera Support so you can choose the cameras that are right for you and right for the job, including megapixel, 360-degree and specialty models.

A wide array of video clients, over multiple networks - LAN ,WAN, Wi-Fi, Web and cellular - allow multiple-camera viewing, easy access to events in recorded video, and powerful investigation tools. In addition, OnSSI's Virtual Video Matrix Switches make it possible to efficiently monitor video streams from dozens to thousands of cameras, with event only (Blank Screen) viewing, Push Live Video on event, and map-driven easy access to cameras.

OnSSI's video platforms are geared to detect events and exceptions, and react upon events. Upon detection of movement, for example, text and/or audiable alerts would be sent to specific users. What's more, using the NetMatrix add-on, live video can be pushed automatically, on event, to any user on the network. OnSSI's NVRs' integration with physical security and IT systems, such as access control, contact closure and POS, makes possible investigating all instances of a person entering a secured room or facility during the weekend, by keying in the employee access code, and the time frame to be monitored. the NVR would then instantly retrieve all video events associated with the employee code.

“[The] system is a strong deterrent for criminals and helps prevent problems from occurring, and ROI cannot be calculated for events that don’t occur.” -- Mike Gilpin, Director of Security, DHL

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